Working it Out

I have officially entered into the Addressing-of-the-Envelopes phase of the wedding plans. This is good, as I feel like I have a bit of a head start (because our invites are not yet done), but also kind of bad because now I have to make sure that I have all the addresses right and proper names of everyone in my future family-in-law. I’ve gone about as far as I could with the addresses and names that I know for sure, however, when I don’t even know my parents’ new address, things might still get complicated.

We did manage to hit the gym this afternoon, so my body is feeling both invigorated and exhausted. I might have to take a nap before anniversary dinner. That’s right, we are celebrating our one-year engagement anniversary. It’s kind of exciting because James and I have never had an anniversary before. At least not an official one, and never “celebrated” in this “let’s go out to dinner and order wine” kind of way.

I have also been swamped with school work this week, seeing as how the whole “Spring Break” thing that should have meant “time to catch up on all the things you didn’t do while writing that last paper” actually meant “relax, see a movie, go out drinking, you’ve got all week!” until Sunday came along. Yeah. So, back to the grind. And there’s barely two months left in the semester. Yikes!

Let’s see, what else is good? I’m not looking forward to Sunday Morning. Why? Because being a Catholic who at least tries to go to Mass every week, Easter is very inconvenient. The Twice-a-Year Catholics emerge from the woodwork and make the whole Church warm and congested. I also blame the Twice-a-Year (or thrice if you count Palm Sunday, because believe me, the place was nice and packed last week, too) Catholics for the LENGTH of the Easter masses. Because so many people only make it out to Church on those oh-so-significant holidays, the folks that run the place feel like they need to cram in as much faith doctrine as they can get away with before the people rise up from their hard wooden pews to protest Those Who Have Caused the Buttocks to Fall Asleep With their endless gospels, prayers and blessings. There should be a separate Easter Mass just for the Twice-a-Year Catholics. That way, nobody would have to stand in the back. Ok, I’m done now. Happy Easter, Everybody.


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