No Party for Me

So have you heard about the lady who’s been incapacitated for years? whose husband made the call to take out her feeding tubes and what-not? whose mom and sister fought it and got Congress involved? If you haven’t, read one story here.

The great part about this whole debacle is that a recent poll showed that 60% of Americans are on the husband’s side and 80% think Congress should leave them the hell alone. It is a private family matter, after all. The irony here is that by getting involved and pushing for Schiavo’s “right to life,” the Republicans were hoping to gain support from their Bible-thumping fan base.

Now, I’ve been both hippie and conservative, left and right, up and down, red and blue, whatever. I’m an artist with a government-job-seeking fiance. The left can be pretty stupid sometimes, but so can the right. I’ve leaned more toward the republican side as of late (please don’t hold that against me, really, I haven’t leaned far). However, it’s crap like this that makes my brain hurt. There is no party for someone like me. Republicans seem to get the job done better internationally, but I’ll support abortion rights and gay marriage without a second thought. If the Democrats could actually stand up for something besides “not being republican,” I might be able to get behind them better. The sad part is, middle of the road voters such as myself are not in the majority. Which means, Americans will never have the kind of leadership that will be good for us.

It’s like those Nanny shows, Nanny 911 and Supernanny. Someone needs to come in and whup us into an upstanding and respectable adult society. Who can do this? Only God knows. And He’s too involved in politics lately, too. I weep for the future. I really, really do.


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