Boys and Girls

Last night was so much fun.

I have really missed hanging out with guys. James and I spent Saint Patrick’s Day at the bar with Marvin and Dan and Scott. Marvin’s fiancee was there for a little while, but she left pretty early. She’s nice and all, but the guys really let loose after she left. Well, Marvin did, anyway.

I noticed last night that guys don’t care about a lot of the stuff girls are concerned with in the department of making friends. With girls, there’s got to be conversation and shared interests and that good old intuition about the person that will allow you to enjoy their company. You never know if you’re going to say something to offend a girl, whereas with guys, most of the stuff coming out of their mouths is likely to be offensive to someone, so there’s less pressure as far as social etiquette. And once, as a girl, you are accepted as “one of the guys” they will feel free to ogle women in front of or with you, talk about poop and its various consequences, and make wookie noises as commentary on the appearances of passers by.

Guys are also freer with their beer money than girls are. The reasons for this are probably quite obvious, but it’s a different camaraderie than girls have. Men buy each other beers. Women confide in each other about deep secrets, fears, or emotional issues. And that is how you know you are in their inner circles.

Anyway, I had a great time last night. The only thing that sucked was how awful I reeked of smoke when I left.


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