Six-figure Figment

Disclaimer: Michelle, you are a very intelligent girl and I’m very proud of you because you deserve the best.

And the Rant:

How is it that there are people out there who did not go to college or dropped out, etc. who have better jobs than people with multiple degrees from prestigious universities? My very good friend, Michelle, probably would have kicked ass in academia, had she pursued it. As it stands, she has been a working stiff for a couple of years and the possibility is there for her to be pulling down 200k a year in another five–when she is the age that James is now. She is lucky, but I know for a fact that there are people out there far less intelligent and far less deserving who are making big bucks or working in jobs that someone far more deserving would give their left elbow for. Something does not compute. How is it that James, with two bachelors degrees and a masters, cannot get a foot in the door of an entry level position in the career that he wants? It’s so frustrating.

I just wish that he was as frustrated as I am sometimes so he would do more on his end to remedy the situation instead of drinking green beer with his buddies before a networking event this evening. But it is Saint Patrick’s Day, after all, so I can’t be too frustrated today. I’ll save it for tomorrow. Unless he’s drunk when I go to meet him. Then I don’t know what will happen.

I love him no matter how much money he makes, it’s just that some days the whole world seems unfair. I just want a nice life with the means to provide for a nice life for a family that might someday include more than just the two of us. Maybe a dog. And me only having to work part-time, if at all. Somehow I doubt that this will happen with him at Blockbuster. Sigh.


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