This afternoon was good. My ipod was waiting for me when I got home (I broke down and got myself a Shuffle, but James still wants a big one so sign up for this!). And after going down to the Parish Office to see our priest and take our compatibility test, I feel really good about my relationship. Not that I didn’t feel good about it before, but silly tests like this sort of reinforce what you know is good. A few of the questions just made me laugh. They were phrased in statements that you either had to answer “agree,” “disagree” or “uncertain.” Some of the good ones were, “I am worried about being nude in front of my future spouse;” “I believe that marriage will solve all of my problems;” “I worry that I or my future spouse will use sex as a form of power in our relationship.” Some of those questions were just scary, like “I am sometimes frightened of my future spouse.” And those ones that suggest some people actually believe in the all-healing power of the wedding band just made me shudder.

Anyway, looks like James and I are pretty compatible–we discussed the test on the drive home, of course. It’s just sad that it’s going to take them more than a week to “grade” the test and get the results.

Beef stew for dinner tonight. Can’t wait. Smells so good.


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