Month Two

So it has been just over one month since I last had sex. To be perfectly honest, it hasn’t been that bad. James, on the other hand, seems to be wishing he had taken me up on my offer of Mardi Gras, back when he had the chance. It’s almost once a day that he will look at me and tell me how hot I am or how much he wants me. I’m getting kind of a kick out of that. Back when we were getting regular nookie, those kinds of desires would remain unspoken. I’ve realized that it’s nice to have someone tell you how attractive you are to them.

Anyway, with a whole month already gone, I’m thinking that this might not be as difficult as I originally thought.

This week, we drove to Milwaukee, and although we did not spend the entire trip in conversation, we had a nice time talking about Serious Adult Things, in addition to the fun we had making fun of trucks. And we drove through a town called Finzel, which I suggested we use for our future child’s name. He suggested Ennui. So I came back with Finzel Ennui. He then called me cruel. I said (imitating my mother), “Hello! It was a joke!”


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