I’m pretty sure I have the best fiance ever. Not to say that nobody else’s fiance is the best, just that he’s the best for me that I know.

  • He bought me a dozen pink roses from the grocery store, which are just as beautiful as any from a flower shop. And when the conveyor belt tore one from its stem, he saved it and handed it to me first.
  • He cooked me dinner–even though it involved peeling raw shrimp and taking out the trash.
  • He bought me chocolate–a whole Whitman’s sampler, half of which I have already consumed (for monthly reasons). I did share.
  • He is only a tiny bit annoyed that we’re not sleeping together.
  • He is buying me food from Taco Bell as we speak.

I am so in love. I hope he gets a new job soon. I want him to be as happy in life that I am. I’m even happy that I have to do homework (dispite feeling crappy and having a headache “this big”). I love that he walked with me over to the mall today, even though it was my errand to run. I love that I’m the reason he can get up in the morning and the reason he is so glad to come home early from work. I love that he asks me to marry him over and over again and has told me “I will probably ask you over and over for the rest of our lives.” I love that I will always say yes. I can’t wait to be married to this man, to start a family with him, travel, and experience all of life’s adventures with him by my side.

Sorry for all the sap. But it’s better than grumbling about how I slept three hours this afternoon and got mad that I won’t sleep tomorrow.

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