Making Out

God, I’m horny.

Ok, so it’s been just over two weeks sans sexual relations. And really, it hasn’t been too bad. But then there was today. We slept in, which was nice to do. We went out for breakfast: Bob Evans Belgian waffles with raspberry topping! He got something involving a whole lot of food including sausage, eggs, potatoes and pancakes.

We went to Borders to do a little browsing. He got a book and a cd, and we came home. We spent the next hour or two making out on the living room floor. Kind of like our first date but without the inebriation. It was good. Really good. Puddle in the panties good. And then it had to stop. I had homework. He had Valentine shopping. We had a deal with God.

But what a way to spend an afternoon. I forgot how good just making out can be. Usually the whole “make out” part of the experience doesn’t last very long before we’re both stripped and gunning around third base, headed for home. It was actually quite thrilling. Except for the whole having to stop part. I could’ve used a home run today.

Damn, I’m horny.

And I just thought of something, it all makes sense. I’m premenstrual.


One thought on “Making Out

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