Words are fun. Cutting into books and coloring shapes with ink and pencils is neat. In fact, I am obsessed. I’m taking this class, which I believe I mentioned is all about the fun you can have combining aspects of visual art with the words of poetry. Or someone else’s words of prose, as the case may be. So we have been looking at cancelled text, and specifically, the work of Tom Phillips, who is a visual artist that was always mad that he couldn’t write poetry. So he did this. It’s a Victorian novel called A Human Document that he took and used as a canvas, incorporating some of the original text, but creating a whole new story and look for it: A Humument. So, since one of our assignments this semester is to take a book and do what we will to alter it in various ways, I have become obsessed. I think about my book all the time. I work on it every second I can–sometimes to the neglect of my other reading and homework. In fact, that might have been one of the reasons I did not sleep well on Wednesday night. I’m just very intrigued with the whole process and overjoyed that I get to dabble in the visual arts again. BUT IT’S STILL CONSIDERED POETRY! How cool is that?


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