Mardi Gras

Because of the Church and the request of our priest in addition to personal reasons that I will likely discuss in subsequent posts, James and I have decided to make the effort to be pure for God on our wedding day. Considering that we have been sleeping together for some time, this will be a difficult journey. And since my experiences of cutting myself off might get a little bit graphic, I figured that I’d start a separate blog for this stuff, so if you are a regular reader, and don’t want to read about the thoughts going through my head in my deprived state, I will spare you. If you do, you’ve found the right category.

We will be phoning our priest with our decision on Monday. I am of the opinion that we can still “think about it” until then. Meaning, of course, bid our sex lives a temporary fond farewell in a manner befitting the circumstances.

It’s like Mardi Gras (and almost perfect timing!), when you feast and drink and party your ass off in preparation for the fasting and sacrifices of Lent. This weekend may not include the greatest sex ever on the planet, but it will be very meaningful and good.

Then, let the fasting begin.


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