It begins. Again.

After a month pretty much away from poetry, it’s time to jump back into the routine of going to class and reading for class and writing. I have just returned from my first class of the spring semester, and it promises to be awesome. This is a class called “Concrete and Visual Collage,” which looks at poetry as a visual art. Like adding a hump to an “m” and stuff like that. There’s a lot of reading (this professor seems to assign a lot of reading no matter what), but the writing and the book projects excite me to no end. I get to do art again! Granted, it’s not just art, but “poetry” in the looser sense of the word–but honestly, what could be better than a class that includes two of my passions?

Your chocolate’s in my peanut butter. Your peanut butter’s in my chocolate. Your poetry is in my art. Your art is in my poetry.

And that’s another thing. We are doing all sorts of collaboration, too. There’s this process called the “exquisite corpse,” which originated among artists: one starts to draw the head and shoulders, then folds the paper so that only the bottom of their started sketch is visible. Then the next person continues drawing the chest and torso, folds over, passes it on. It continues until the body is drawn and the drawing is then unfolded to reveal its entirety. The same thing is done with poetry. The first poet writes two or more lines, folds the page over so only the last line is visible, then the second poet continues from only the line that s/he sees. And so on. We did a couple of this type of exercise in class tonight, and although I was not feeling very inspired, it was rather fun to just write whatever comes into your head and see where someone else takes it.

Well, that’s all for me. Now it’s time to relax and get ready to read and write tomorrow. Back to the routine.


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