ray the osary

When we were in Milwaukee, on Monday night, I went to my grandfather’s house with my mom and my aunts. We ate dinner, watched some of the Bachelorette, and prayed.

My mom and aunts had recently started to pray the rosary with their dad. He does it every night. One night, it was getting to be that time, and they said, “Why don’t we pray with you?” My grandpa lit up. It made him so happy that they would share that with him. He is a very spiritual man, and when they offered to pray with him every time they came over with dinner, it just delighted him.

This morning, James and I went to mass. The readings and homily encouraged us to be “of Christ,” and not to keep our faith hidden. We should show our faith not only in outward symbols, like hanging a rosary from our rear-view mirrors or wearing a cross around our necks, but also through our actions and deeds. Even if you’re not Catholic or Christian, I think this is a pretty good message. And simple enough.

I still struggle with some of the Church’s opinions on current events or situations, but today I thought about the comfort that certain traditions bring. To attend mass and to be part of a spiritual community, one that has included my family for as long as I know, feels good. And I know it makes my family happy that I have chosen, as an adult, to belong in their faith. Even if I don’t pray the rosary on a regular basis.

Grandpa in Florida


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