So I go with my parents to see my grandpa last night, and we’re hanging out for awhile, watching the golf channel. The conversation turns somehow to “Lifetime” and so Grandpa changes the channel to the Lifetime Movie Network. So we’re sitting and chatting and there’s a movie starting starring Michael Gross and the one and only David Hasselhoff, and we’re chatting, and Dad’s in the living room watching football, and Mom starts dozing off and Grandpa’s not too chatty being a little under the weather and all, and so I’m sitting there and watching David Hasselhoff and Michael Gross try to dig their way out from under the avalanche. So Mom’s asleep and Grandpa’s in and out. I’m watching this movie thinking my parents will get up and we’ll leave at any time now, but when I finally can’t take it anymore and get up to go to the bathroom, Mom’s snoring at the dining table and I walk past Dad on the couch and he’s out cold in front of the TV there. So we finally left and let Grandpa get to bed. I never found out if David Hasselhoff got out of there alive.

Ah, it’s good to be home.


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