I Get Knocked Down

I lost a couple of days this week to the flu. Back in October and November when everyone was freaking out about the vaccine shortage, I was all “I haven’t gotten the flu in ages, it can’t get to me! Hell, I worked RETAIL last winter and did not get the flu. Why would it hit me this year? Why, I ask you?” Yet I still have no answers. Perhaps there was a carrier at that New Year’s party we attended. Perhaps that one day of retail last week was the only one necessary for influenza to rear its ugly head into our humble abode. All I can say is this: GET OUT OF MY BODY!

I’m recovering… slowly. Leave it to James to be sick for all of TWO DAYS while I have been sleeping on and off through the night and day on the couch or in the bed for the WHOLE WEEK. And let me just say that NyQuill is not the “best sleep you ever had with a cold” medicine, thank you very much. I slept much better last night on Tylenol and decongestants. I’ve been spaced out for the last couple days, just because now the illness has taken residence up in my head, and I’m hoping like hell that my eardrums don’t pop when I have to fly in a plane tomorrow. The flight plan involves heavy doses of antihistimines and a pair of six-dollar earplugs. I’ve got stuff to do this week, Flu, and you are NOT going to cause me a sinus infection and ruin these plans, do you hear me? GET OUT OF MY BODY!


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