Sci-fi Dreams

A couple nights ago I dreamt that I was back in the Marcus universe. I was only there for one day and they were paying me to put on the tux and then strip. This was not the strange dream.

Last night, I was not Sara but someone else. I was part of a team of scientists sent back in time to correct some sort of apocalyptic blunder. However, the rest of the team except for the priest had abandoned the mission and left us to die. We were stranded in some sort of desolate wasteland with only an oddly angled white wall for protection from the elements. Somehow we survived. However, when we finally managed to return to our own time (in the not-too-distant-future), we were already there. That is, it was one of those freaky paradoxes that happens when the space-time continuum gets all screwy, and our other selves looked all two-dimensional and fuzzy like a television screen. But the thing was that to them (our other selves), we looked that way. And the leader guy wouldn’t believe that we were us. I woke up before anything was settled.

It was a pretty cool dream, though confusing. My brain has some neat special effects. Although the mechanics of the time-traveling were pretty low-budget and lame. I wonder if this means I’m creative again. Anyway, happy New Year. Party on, but drink responsibly.


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