Just got back from the gym. Went by myself because James isn’t home from work yet and when I spoke with him on the phone, going to the gym with him sounded highly unlikely.

I’ve been depressed. It happens. Tried St. John’s Wort for a couple days, and it seemed to help, but the possibility of interaction with oral contraceptives was not worth the risk. Sweating helped a little. I ran for 45 minutes, listened to music, tried to pretend I was really outside on a cool spring afternoon with the wind in my face. I’m cramped and tired now, and I think my mood has improved. We’ll see what happens when James gets home. It will probably be one of those nights where I stay out of his way and try not to say anything to piss him off.

If only he had a job that he didn’t hate. That didn’t wear him out so hard. That actually made him smile the way that he smiles when he tells me he loves me.


One thought on “Sweat

  1. Willow says:

    Have you experienced my obnoxious habit, wherein I give my friends naturopathic health advice they don’t ask for? Well, you’re about to!

    (Try switching to organic hormone-free milk and meat (it’s so worth it, trust me; nix all the bovine growth hormones and the cellulite melts off, as does the PMS) and taking a cod or halibut-liver oil supplement. Also, make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin B. St. John’s Wort is mostly a placebo. Also, cut back on refined sugar and caffeine; eat fruit when you need instant energy.)

    That is all. //Neurosis off//

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