On Christmas Eve, James and I both had the whole day off. This does not happen very often. We slept late, watched some movies, went shopping for our holiday veal roast, came home, watched the Packers win, cooked dinner, had a couple drinks, ate dinner, opened presents, watched a movie, drank some more, and went to bed. It was a good X-mas.

My Christmas Day was not anything too thrilling. It was kind of exciting to go to the gym and be the only ones there so I could put the television to whatever I wanted to watch while I worked out. I sweated a lot and then we came back and took showers. Then James had to work, so I worked on some wedding stuff and loafed about a bit, and I went out into the cold to go see A Series of Unfortunate Events, which was pretty good. I was amused. The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie looks pretty good, too. I’m really excited about what Burton and Depp can bring to a movie/story I always loved as a kid.

Today, I’ve been working on wedding stuff. I went to Church this morning, and I really like it this time of year because they sing a lot of well known Christmas songs like “Joy to the World,” “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” and “What Child is This.” I miss being in choir. But I think I might join the Church choir once I’m done with the whole school thing.

Poetry has been on the back burners lately. I’m trying to make myself either write or submit stuff, but it’s just not happening. I find myself preferring to sit and watch tv or movies and crochet instead. I hope this doesn’t happen when I’m done with school for good. I will need to keep writing. I suppose the way to do it is like a job, to set aside a certain amount of time every day to devote to nothing but the poetry. If only I had the discipline to do that now. I smell some New Year’s resolutions brewing.


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