It’s raining and so is my nose.

Portfolio for Forms class: done.
15-20 page paper for Atwood: draft done (I’m in a good place, I think)
Final Exam for Forms class: got it today, probably won’t think about it again until Sunday.
Taking Herbs and Vitamins and Zinc: All of the above.

The semester will be over soon. I hope this cold won’t completely knock me out tomorrow when I have to finish that paper. I’ve been a busy girl. And even after the semester is over, I don’t know if this will change all that much. Got the wedding to plan, a car to buy (God willing), poems to write/revise, magazines to read and submit to, apartment to clean, and did I mention a wedding to plan? Yeah, I’m glad I’m sticking to my one day a week of retail at Borders over the break. I have a lot going on. It’s pretty cool.

And to think, a couple months ago I wasn’t sure I could do this. It didn’t turn out too bad, after all. We’ll see if I say the same thing once I get my grades.


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