November 28th

So Christmas is officially less than a month away. I still have two weeks of classes left. I still have so much to do. And Thanksgiving weekend didn’t give me very much of an opportunity to do it. Not that I really minded. I enjoyed spending time with Greg and Carrie and Holly immensely. Not to mention the other people I had the pleasure of spending the holiday with. But now I need to crack down. I got to see Finding Neverland, yesterday. It was great! And I shared with Greg the wonderfulness that is the Milk Dud. He had been confusing them with Whoppers this whole time, and since he didn’t like malted milk balls, he had never had a Milk Dud before. Go figure. Anyway, this was just a short little random post because I have not posted in a bit.

Here is what I want for Christmas:

And don’t forget to help me out with the ipod. Yes, I will continue pestering you, O loyal readers, until five of you actually follow through, and the thing is at my house being enjoyed by my loving fiance.


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