Cold Turkey

So, with Thanksgiving coming up this week, not to mention all the writing and reading and writing still left to do in this crunch time before the semester ends, I’ve been a little nuts. It would be easy if we weren’t hosting Thanksgiving at our place. Yes, we will be feeding seven people at our small Ikea table in our one-bedroom apartment. And having a couple more possible guests stop by after dinner, too. I haven’t ever prepared a whole Thanksgiving feast for anyone beyond James and myself. And when I did that, I had no problem using the stuffing and potatoes right out of the box. This year, though, I will be peeling, boiling, mashing, mixing all by myself. Well, Jeff will be bringing the stuffing, which is good because I’m also preparing a sweet potato dish for the first time in my life ever. We’re still going to be eating the jellied cranberry sauce straight from the can, but hey, what can you do? As long as there’s pumpkin cake, I’m a happy girl. Oh yeah, and we have a 20lb bird sitting in our fridge. And one of our dinner guests is a vegetarian. Let’s hear it for leftovers! Huzzah!


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