In Need of a Queer

From spending some time with my family last weekend, I came to a conclusion about them, as a group. They need a queer. And really, doesn’t every family? After all, statistics show that there should be at least one in an extended family as large as mine. Perhaps we just won’t find out until later. After marriages fail. After children are grown. Or, maybe it’s been me all along.

I’m not a lesbian, but I often think about how my family would have reacted if I had chosen to be with a woman instead of a man. In fact, I am attempting to compose a poem based around this very speculation. My family does not believe that gays should marry. They know you’ll go to hell if you’re queer. Although I have my guesses as to which among them is not the straightest of arrows.

Family is so important. And I really don’t understand why some folks with queer kin still don’t support their pursuit of happiness (by which I mean their desire to marry). And even if you’re pretty sure no one in your family is gay, and therefore this issue does not apply to you or yours, how can you really know beyond the shadow of a doubt? You can’t. So my thoughts on the matter are that if you think that people are all equal, you should include those very people you might have prejudices against, whoever they might be.

I think that if you’re a good person and lead a good life, full of care and love, then you are my brother, my sister. There are lousy people among every group. There are mean Jews, angry blacks, crass old white men, whores of all preferences, and I could go on. The fact of the matter is that just because there are a few people in every group that are bound to fall into a stereotype doesn’t mean the rest of the individuals of the group should be punished and discriminated against. I’d just like to find a way to remind my family of this.

In short, we need a blood-related honest to goodness queer. Someone who’ll display their lifestyle choice better than I could.


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