So I just walked in the door to my parents’ house. Got the hiccups. Probably from the amount of wine consumed this evening. Tonight was the quasi-thanksgiving feast among my Milwaukee crowd of friends. The one that I was kind of anxious about for fear of not knowing or not knowing well some of the attendees. It turned out that there was just the right mix of old and new that I didn’t feel too much out of place. And the wedding last night, which I feel the need to mention, was pretty fun. Didn’t hurt that Dad was buying the vodka tonics, and Mom was keeping the beer pitcher full. Family is so important. That was really made clear Saturday night. It was also kind of funny that I ran into someone I used to work with at Southtown Cinema way back when I was in high school is now sort of related to me, in a quite distant way. His name is Mike and he turned out to be my cousin’s new husband’s cousin. Small world. And from tonight, I can tell that my own wedding is going to be a total blast because my friends still kick total ass. So because both my friends and my family know how to party, this wedding of ours is going to be the best. I’m excited. I’m also excited about coming back in January and seeing everyone again, too. Hopefully there will be similar things going on–a family thing one day and a friends thing another.

As far as the family is concerned, I’ll write more in detail about things I learned when I’m a little less tipsy. And as for the friends, I was expecting to feel awkward and out of place, but when the night really got going, I was more at home than I have been in awhile. I found myself asking and wanting to learn more about other people than just talking myself, which is something that I have needed to work on, but I also got to talk a good amount about myself, too. Which is something that comes naturally–not to say I’m self-centered (though I suppose that could be) but supposedly, somewhere in my social subconscious, I must have felt that the best way to get people to talk about themselves was to lay your own self out on the table. I think I’ve gotten better at listening over the years, and hopefully the new-ish people I had conversations with tonight feel that I really did want to get to know them better (because I did) and not that I just wanted to brag about myself (because I’ve learned that if you talk about yourself too much, that’s how it can come across, sometimes). Rob’s girlfriend seems really cool, and everyone seems to be doing alright, though there’s always drama. I feel closer to my friends and my family this weekend, and I hope that some of them will come and visit me where I am sometime (when I am not swamped with school work or whatever) and they can see a little better into my world, too.


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