As I’m preparing to return to the mother city for the weekend, I’ve been frantically attempting to work as far ahead in class as possible. This is difficult because poetry doesn’t always come easy. I’ve actually been doing some research for a poem I’m trying to get written. It’s been over two years since my grandmother died, and I think I might be ready to write about her. I would like to write more about people that I know, but it’s difficult. The form I chose for this elegy for my grandmother is a collage form. This means that I will be incorporating other people’s words. I’m planning to use parts of the prayer from the card that was handed out at the funeral, possibly lines from my aunt’s eulogy, a bit from a Margaret Atwood poem, and possibly something out of the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. If anyone has any other poems or prose sources about grandmotherhood, granddaughterhood, living or dying, please pass the words along.

I am also beginning a poem about food, one about my hair, and another having something to do with the objects we surround ourselves with. This is me, wrangling ideas.


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