I Voted.

And just as I suspected, I feel dirty.

I didn’t know who to vote for until I stepped up to the computer. I closed my eyes. I touched the screen. It is over. My voice, whether I stand behind it or not, will be heard. Herded in with the masses who voted the same way I did. Because we are given such a miserable choice.

I am not going to talk about who I voted for. Take that as you may. I know I have done my patriotic duty. But unlike so many voters who came out of the woodwork for this election, I have been doing my duty since becoming eligible to do so. I have never felt so dirty about being patriotic.

Neither candidate has my support. One of them got my vote. (In other words, I didn’t cop out and vote for Nader or the two other guys on the Virginia ballot.) That doesn’t mean I have faith in the man. And in my opinion, that’s a sad state of affairs. Most people, I know, weren’t as confused as I have been up until that fateful moment at the polls. I also think this is sad. This is a close race, and it’s not just about Bush-bashing or discrediting Kerry’s service and voting record. It’s about shaping America for the next four years. It’s about wheels already set in motion–what will change and what won’t, depending on the results of this election. Kerry has made some good points on key issues. And with Bush, at least this time you know that what you’ve seen is what you’ll get, more or less. But from where I stand, neither man has given me anything to hope for but more of the same old shit, and that is why this election has been difficult for me. And that is why I feel so dirty.


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