A Rant about Bodies

I honestly don’t care how you live your life. But seriously, check yourself out in the mirror before you leave the house, and don’t forget to consider how your clothes feel. Does your waistband cut into your flesh? perhaps it’s time for a bigger size. Do you think you might be oozing out from underneath that shorty shirt? rolling over those too-tight jeans? Maybe you should wear a sweater or something that says “L” or “XL” on the tag inside instead. Alas, for me it’s like a wreck. Want. To. Vomit. Can’t. Look. Away. Stretchmarks. God. The. Stretchmarks.

I’m disgusted often enough with my own body, I don’t want to see the gorey details of someone else’s puckered love handles.

I believe that there are ways to flatter every figure (although I worry about the severely obese and I actually don’t think they can do much to flatter themselves except try not to be obese). Not everyone can fit into a size four. Or a size eight. Or fourteen for that matter. We’re not meant to be one size. That’s why we rock. But work with your assets, I say. Looser clothing doesn’t make you look fatter if you’re already overweight. In fact, it helps. It’s the tight clothes, the ones that maybe you used to fit into once, but haven’t yet come to terms yet with the fact that you’ve outgrown them, and not in the way that children grow out of their clothes. Or the clothes that the media tells you to buy because low-rise is in, and shirts that barely reach the waistline of those low-rise atrocities. These styles don’t even always look great on size six chicks. And I’m sorry, but I don’t want to see everybody’s thong. Although a little here or there (on the right person) is not necessarily a bad thing. All I ask is that people think about what they are putting on display. If you’re comfortable with your size 20 booty, you’ve every right to wear it proudly. However, that doesn’t mean squeezing it into a size 12 pair of jeans. Squeezing into smaller sizes suggests to me that you’re not really comfortable as the size you are. I don’t know. All I know is I am astonished at the amount of stomach and lovehandle overhang I see around me on a daily basis. I think, do they know? Shouldn’t somebody tell them? Do they have a mirror? Does it hurt when they breathe?

Somebody stop me.


One thought on “A Rant about Bodies

  1. Sara says:

    I am amused that my google ad is all about the meat.

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