Breaking my Balls

This has been one of those weeks I’ve wished would go by in a musical montage. Scenes of me reading books, writing papers, furrowing my brow over a line of Robert Frost. It would have been nice for it to fly by in minutes. But then, it’s always that way with studying and paper writing. Anyway, I’ve felt like both hack and genius in these last several days, though never both at once. I am amazed that I’m pulling this off. The semester’s half finished, and I have a sense that I’m doing well. And sometimes, I’ve even enjoyed myself… while learning. It’s kind of neat. Anyway, I just wanted to write something that was not as full of woe and despair as some of my previous posts about the perils of graduate school have been. So keep the faith, it can be done.

Oh yeah, and Go Sox!


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