Eats Plants and Animals

Last night I was good. I did not have a giant chunk of meat. I had a vegetable wrap. And it was yummy. Tonight, however, I am going to eat meat. I’m not sure what kind, though. Will it be rabbit? or lion? or antelope? Maybe I’ll get a full plate of prime Bambi meat. Or some emu. Or wild boar.

What brings this on is that the future in-laws are in town and will be taking us to this crazy delicious Eastern European restaurant that offers a delectable variety of wild game entrees. James and I have been there once before, with his aunt Deb, but this kind of outing occurs very rarely, as the menu prices are beyond our current means. Thank goodness for parents on vacation.

His parents arrived on Monday, and we’ve gone out to dinner a couple times. Unfortunately, because of my piles and piles of reading and writing, I haven’t been able to do the sight-seeing and general afternoon hanging out that might be courteous, but I do get to eat. They have been very generous, and I feel like I should do something for them before they leave, but I don’t know what. I’m sure they would never let me buy them lunch, even at a cheap diner. Maybe I’ll make them an afghan for Christmas. Or, because who has time to make another afghan, perhaps a pair of nice thick scarves for the Milwaukee winter.


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