Birthday Surprise

So, you all failed to help me get my love his ipod. Fortunately, I had back-up gifts on hand. I know I started doing this ipod thing kind of late for it to become a birthday present, but fortunately, Christmas is coming up in just a few short months, so you’ve still got time to sign up.

Anyway, we had a nice, too-big meal at Sweetwater with Jeff and Kelly, complete with dessert . After that we ended up back at our place and watched The Emperor’s New Groove. And ate cake. We couldn’t really move much after that.

In other recent news, I’ve been busy attending class and other MFA-related happenings. I’ve met a few more people and ate some really good food. And this week, I have a midterm to write for one class, a presentation and a paper for another. I don’t know when the poems will happen, but they have to, and soon. Because I have to hand some of those in too soon to want to think about right now.

Everyone I talk to asks me how is school going. I guess I should just refer them to this blog because it seems like all I write about is school and writing. Well, there’s not much more going on, really. Except I won my tiara for my wedding on ebay the other day. See a picture:

It should get here sometime this week. So that’s what’s happening on the wedding front. James still hasn’t requested the honour of certain fellows’ attendance as his attendants yet. Even though he promised he’d do it last week. This is the man’s job in wedding planning, even if he doesn’t intend it to be: The Frustrator. He also hasn’t really done much in the way of a dj, which was another small job I requested of him. But I digress. Back to homework.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Surprise

  1. Willow says:

    Oooh…shiny…pretty…sparkly. Me likey. What does your dress look like?


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