Road Rage

I just saw road rage. Wow. I was walking home from Borders today, crossing the busy street that is very difficult to cross because there is never a time (including when the walk signal is illuminated) that there is not a green arrow or light of some sort indicating to traffic that it is okay to drive there. Where I am walking. So, anyway, break in traffic comes, I cross, I hear honking. It’s tough to explain, but the right turn arrows had gone green when I was about two-thirds of the way across that section of street, so the car behind the first right turning car began honking. The first right turning car was kindly waiting for me to complete my voyage across the street so as to avoid killing me or causing some other such discomfort to my person. Upon hearing the irritated honk from the second right turning car, I picked up the pace a little, and finished crossing the street maybe three seconds after their arrow light had turned green. Three seconds is not that long. I have to say it’s really not. But as I hopped up onto the sidewalk and looked into the window of the second right turning car, the one that had honked, I realized that this person was Filled With Rage. She was waving her arms and shouting in a red-faced pissed off manner (although because she was incased in her vehicle, I could not hear the obscenities she was most likely spewing forth in hysterical rage). And I thought, wow. Wow. She is so in her own little road rage world, all directed at the poor innocent car in front of her preventing her from arriving at her destination all of Three Seconds sooner that she did not even see me. She did not even realize that the car in front of her had not turned immediately upon the greenness of the light because a Pedestrian Life would have been threatened by doing so. She did not see me at all. Wow.

Anyway, Ms. Beige Car turning on Frontier Drive with the Honking and the Rage. Calm the fuck down. Pay attention. Be patient. I’m not dying for you or anybody. Thanks.


One thought on “Road Rage

  1. Anonymous says:

    Walking? Don’t you kids live in Fairfax County now? Didn’t anyone tell you that walking is illegal and you must drive everywhere?

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