Talking Heads

I’m usually not one to post on politics, but what with the debate being on every channel this evening (except for Food Network, of course, which had Mark Summers of Double Dare acclaim revealing the innermost secrets of the Twinkie), I feel like I should say something about the upcoming election.

I feel a great responsibility and pressure to vote, as I’m sure everyone does this year. However, much like the election of 2000, I don’t feel confident in either candidate. And unlike the election of 2000, there’s not even one side that looks a slight bit better to me. Kerry looks like a wax sculpture someone accidentally stuck under the heating vent, and even if he does get elected, we won’t be out of Iraq in four years, who is he trying to kid? And Bush has lost so much credibility (from the little he started with) that I’m not sure he should get a second chance.

Anyway, to sum up the Debate: Bush made a mistake, and Kerry thinks he can fix it. Kerry won’t be respected because of his opinion that this is the “wrong war, wrong place, wrong time.” Kerry said Bush misled the American people. Bush said Kerry agreed with all the stuff Bush supposedly misled them about. Kerry claims he’ll get us out of Iraq quicker. Bush claims you can’t put a deadline on this sort of thing. To be honest, I wish it had gone more like this.

They say a lot of things over and over. I guess that’s so we get the point. So what’s the point? I’m not sure it even matters who wins. They seem like they’re both willing to do what it takes as far as Iraq is concerned. We’ll have to see what they say about the rest.

If it continues like this, I might just have to go into the booth, close my eyes or flip a coin. If you want to try and convince me one way or another, go ahead and try.

I’m an artist, but my fiance’s an aspiring government bureaucrat. I’ll probably vote for whichever administration I think will be able to better employ him, because I know that I’m never going to see much of the government’s money in my field either way.


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