Headache in my Eyes

I had high aspirations for today. I was going to go to the gym, get ahead on my reading, start/finish a paper. Well, I did the paper. I took a nap. I crocheted a little. Watched some tv. I am caught up on my reading, however, I failed to get ahead.

It did not help that I had a headache all day. It did not help that the air conditioning at the office was broken (so since I prepare for the arctic temps that usually occupy my daily workspace, I was a little warm). It did not help that my headache would not go away even after a nap. I had a strange dream. I can’t remember it now, but if I could, I might write a poem about it.

Today, James and I talked of Serious Things. We discussed Major Purchases… Investments, even. Real life adult type things. It excited me. We are thinking about moving next year. To a condo. It’s not a house, but neither of us are quite ready for a house yet, and a condo would cost the same as rent, but be an investment at the same time. And even though it might mean putting off our honeymoon, I am excited. And we might get a new car soon. Like an Actual New Car. Not previously owned or free or falling apart or dying in the middle of the intersection car, but an Actual New Car. This excites me even more, even though it will mostly be his car and I’ll still be driving the one that looks like a toy. But at least the toy car doesn’t stall unless I’m a dumbass and take my foot off the clutch when the thing’s in gear. I like that car. I like driving stick shift, now (we’ll see how I do in snow and slipperiness). So, there are things to be excited about. Not immediate things, but near future things. And this is good.

Also, I just have to share that my fiance is a really good kisser. We kissed a lot today, even though I was sort of being a punk. He still kissed me. And we laughed a lot. And that makes me not care so much about the headaches or the lack of reading ahead. I can read ahead tomorrow.


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