The Very Important Interview, which I mentioned briefly last week, has turned in negative results. This is depressing because 1. If James has “no experience,” yet no one will hire you without “experience” even into an entry level position, well, I guess he’s stuck at Blockbuster; and 2. If you have a friend on the inside, who talks you up, you kick butt on an interview and still, they will not hire you, who will?

Today has been kind of a down day because of all this. James feels like a loser, feel helpless. He wouldn’t have even been that disappointed if his friend hadn’t built it all up and given the impression that the job was in the bag. It’s a cruel world. When complete fuck-ups get good government work and this hard-working, intelligent, decent upright citizen can’t even get his foot in the door, it just makes me want to spit.

I have another plea to make, today. If you have any connections to government or private-sector analyst work, throw them our way. I want to help, but there’s not a whole lot that I can do on his behalf. So, you can email me: saranicole [at] graffiti [dot] net, if you have any promising leads, know of anyone who is hiring, looking for part time volunteers, for anything entry level, even if it’s not intelligence (although hopefully it would have something to do with analyzing some sort of information), tips or tricks for getting this kind of job, where to go, who to be, what to do, anything at all would probably help.


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