If you know something about poetry, you might have heard of the iamb. Perhaps you have heard that iambic pentameter is the form closest to speech in English poetry. This is my problem: in form classes, you must always write a sonnet, and you must practice your pentameter. I’m sure I must write iambic lines all the time (it is the closest rhythm to English speech, after all), however, if I consciously focus my stresses, I end up with anapests, trochees or trash. Oh my.

So I locked the keys in the car today at school. It wouldn’t have been too bad except for the fact that I accidentally parked in a faculty lot, which meant that I could have gotten a ticket from campus parking services. So I went to my short meeting, then sat on the car, guarding it from such a fate until James arrived with the extra key to save me. I felt like such a moron. The kind that I would laugh at if it hadn’t been me.


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