Trochee Dokey

It’s odd. I know that most of my friends who have blogs don’t update every day, or even every other day. Here, for me it’s been a few days and I feel like a slacker. Even though I have an excuse. I’m still sick. I just haven’t had time to really rest or relax. My eyes are heavy, but I have to try and read, go to class, work, write and read some more.

But there’s good news. The interview went well and hopefully there will be actual real news by the end of business hours today. Other news, I’ll be reading for Phoebe, the GMU literary magazine. So I’m excited about that.

I’m really liking my Atwood class. And I’ve been getting to know more people, which has been a little bit tough this week because of having no voice and only slightly more energy than voice. So I’ve been watching a lot of television and sleeping through a lot of afternoon programming, drinking orange juice, tea and water, peeing a lot, and going through boxes on boxes of tissues.

At least the end is near. I don’t think I’m going to work at Borders tomorrow so I can beat this thing once and for all and be ready to face next week. Tonight, we go see Sky Captain.

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