I have done it. I have written some words that are beginning to take shape as poems. It’s a good feeling. And I rewrote one today using the left-handed trick, and it was very tedious. But it did get me to think good and hard about each word, each syllable, each letter. I don’t know if I’ll be working that way for all my poems, because it took so long to write words with my wrong hand that I could actually read, but it was an interesting experiment.

Also, I continued placing names and addresses into my spreadsheet for my wedding invitation/guest list. How nerdy am I? It’s actually pretty neat, I made it pretty colors and everything. I also ate French bread pizza.

One thought on “Lefty

  1. Anonymous says:

    Colored spreadsheets to keep oneself organized is never geeky — just good planning. This is especially true when trying to plan a fiasco of an affair such as a wedding.

    -Stacey, the non-geeky accountant.

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