Closer to God

I saved church going for this morning. And I decided that I like Sunday morning mass better than the Saturday vigil. For one thing, it frees up Saturday night, which is especially good if your fiance is going to work at 10pm. Provides for a little more quality time. Another thing about Sunday mass is that if the parish is having some sort of charitable pancake breakfast or other hospitality-type arena, the 9:00 mass is the one that gets the good stuff. I didn’t go to the Knights of Columbus pancake breakfast this morning, but there was one more thing to note about Sunday morning mass. There’s a choir. Or at least there was today. I love choirs. And my church has a good one. The cantors that I’ve heard on Saturdays were not bad, but there’s just something about a full on soprano to bass mix of voices that has more power to move than one mediocre voice often can. It was awesome.

Carrie came over this evening, and we watched some Sex and the City so now I’m all caught up. But before that, we talked about religion. She happens to be an atheist, but is also open to learning various things about other faiths. So she asked me what I get out of going to church. I’ve thought on this topic before, but not really been asked so directly. And I think it’s good to ask the questions for the answers you want to know. So I tried to explain my attitude toward religion in a way that made sense.

I’m not a fanatic, and if you’ve read some of my past posts, you’ll know that I’m not in one hundred percent agreement with everything that my religion stands for on the whole. I know that not everyone who says they are a Catholic believes in everything the Church believes about this modern life. And some people probably do. Anyway, as for me, I like to go to church for the music, mostly. I think song is very spiritual, and it’s one reason I was excited about the choir today. Along with that, it’s kind of beautiful how everyone sings along, no matter what their voices sound like, together they make prayer. And that’s the other part of church that matters to me– the people. The fact that for the most part, this is a group of complete strangers coming together to share something profound. And yeah, some days you don’t want to go (and maybe you don’t), and some days the mass might speak to you more than others, but in the going and the singing and the shared prayers there is something safe and sacred. And it’s nice to know that as part of this kind of community, someone will be watching out for you, or praying.

And I know that much of what I get out of going to church these days is not unique to the Catholic faith, but that’s the one I was raised in. So I feel comfortable with the tradition of it and I’m glad that it’s doing something for me besides allowing for a lovely wedding setting.


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